Debórah Benton TV Talk Show Host

Meet TV Host, Debórah

Bringing You The Stars, The Stories, & The Performances

There’s no one like Debórah Benton. She hails from a small town in Northeast Ohio, but she commands international media platforms and live stages with her presence and personality as a Television Talk and Variety Show Host, and her music performances live stages.

Often referred to as bold and daring, when media outlets refused to hire her, she set out to build her own brand of TV Talk by leasing a commercial facility and designed, built and fully equipped and furnished a contemporary TV studio complete with seating for 200 audience guest and 5-member house band. From there, she produced over 100 episodes of weekly TV shows featuring internationally known award-winning recording artists, stage and screen stars, and industry leaders and influencers. Enjoy the TV Shows and content on this site. Still going strong, meet Debórah