"DéJà vu"- The Dionne WarwickTribute Show

"Deja Vu" - The Dionne Warwick Tribute" captures the essence of this true Classy Diva of Pop-R&B-Jazz. From the beautiful wardrobes to the signature vocal style, audiences are mesmerized by a dazzling 90-minute performance of Dionne Warwick's greatest hits, captivatingly reminiscent of the music the way millions of fans remember and love these songs from the soundtrack of their lives.

BEST TRIBUTE PERFORMANCE OF Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits and more - a song list sure to include all the favorites.





"Walk On By" (1964)

"You'll Never Get To Heaven 

(If You Break My Heart)" (1964)

"I Say A Little Prayer (1967)

"Do You Know The Way to San José" (1968)

"I'll Never Love This Way Again" (1979) 

And many more...

Debórah and band deliver a 90-minute 

grand scale concert performance of  

Dionne Warwick's greatest hits. 


In true Dionne Warwick fashion, Debórah is careful 

to include a sprinkling of other Pop R & B, and Jazz songs 

by legendary artists of the 70'S, 80'S and 90'S in her performances. 









Debórah Benton is a Singer-songwriter, Voice-Over artist and Television Host who has been entertaining audiences worldwide for over 10 years via television shows, live performances and music tours.

Debórah covers music by many Motown acts and Popular  artists  from the '70s, '80s and '90s. But Debórah is best known for her Dionne Warwick tribute performances. Debórah's voice, stage presence, and electrifying style all mesh to transport audiences to a place of musical ecstasy.

Hey There Friends,
I'd like to share some news with you. Through “Valley Gold with Debórah” weekly TV show, I've had the honor of engaging audiences and fans throughout the world. But my first love has always been singing and I've been fortunate to sing before audiences here and abroad. But the saying is true, 'There's no place like home.'  So my music team and I have created a fantastic music showcase we'll be performing for my hometown community of the Mahoning Valley. It would mean the world to me for you to attend.

It's a Tribute Concert Performance of the hit songs by Dionne Warwick and Lou Rawls; two incredible artists whose music is still celebrated around the world. We'll be presenting the music in the signature sound and style of Dionne and Lou. Our amazing band is led by award-winning bassist, Walt Barnes, Jr. (bassist for Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Babyface, yours truly-Debórah Benton, and many others), so you know it will be 'on point.

We’ve also planned an exciting After-Party at Charlie Staples Pitt Boss, 372 W. Rayen Ave. at downtown Youngstown. Your Concert Ticket Stub gets you free admission into the After-Party, immediately following. There you can enjoy food, drinks, take photos, and meet a lot of other great people. This entire evening is planned with you in mind, and I want to see you there.

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